“We need to be ‘doing something’ with AI”

But what does that mean?

Let’s face it, trying to learn about the world of AI can feel like jumping into the deep end without a life jacket. You’ve got a ton of tools and solutions thrown at you, each shouting more loudly about how they can rocket your business to new heights. But when you’re already juggling a hundred things, figuring out how to use these tools to actually help make you and your employees more efficient can feel like putting together a puzzle blindfolded.

And when you try to dig deeper on the tech side of things, everyone expects you to speak this alien language of algorithms and data models. You’ve got a business to run, and here you are, stuck trying to decode documentation and tutorials that might as well be written in hieroglyphics.

Imagine your business infused with just the right amount of AI

Instead of drowning in Twitter threads or getting stuck between endless AI pitches and scientific papers, what if you could incorporate only the AI tools that helped your business grow and run better, without wasting time on any that didn’t?

But you don’t have to take my word for it…

“The issue with AI is there is so much noise that it’s hard to filter through what is just hype vs where AI can actually be applied. In a short amount of time Keanan saved me hours or even days of doing my own AI digging and trying to piece things together to make sense of everything.”

Nick McHenry
Founder, OneShop Retail

Get a personalized plan and advice from someone who’s been there

Turn your questions into answers. Break through the uncertainty and having to read “just one more” Twitter thread by talking to someone who’s actually been there and uses these AI tools every day. Book a free 1-on-1 roadmapping session with me now and let’s figure out your 3 AI “quick wins”.

Here’s how it works

First, we’ll talk through the current state of your business and you’ll tell me about a typical day-in-the-life for you and your staff. We’ll talk about what sorts of technology you already use, any manual processes you have to run frequently, especially if they’re error-prone or feel just out of reach with your current technology. Then, we’ll identify and prioritize workflows and challenges that could be helped by AI and automation.

Finally, we’ll talk about tools and tactics that fit your personality and taste. Your roadmapping session will take place over Zoom, and I’ll email you a recording of the call for future reference.

Next, the good part: Within a week, I will deliver personalized recommendations and specific, step-by-step instructions to adjust and improve the workflows we talked about using automation and AI.

This plan will be yours to keep and reference as you work through the recommendations. You can either start to implement these suggestions yourself, or we can talk about continuing to work together if you need a bit more help.

Ready to get started?

Drop your email down below! Very shortly after that you’ll get an email from me with a couple questions that will help our time together be more productive.