Last Week in AI (02.05.24 – 02.09.24)

Welcome to Last Week in AI, a post I publish every Friday to share a couple things I’ve discovered in the world of AI last week. I spend way too much time in Discord, on Twitter and browsing reddit so you don’t have to!

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This week, we’ve got a couple pieces of inspiration if you’re looking to figure out new ways to use ChatGPT.

Let’s dive in!

How Do You Use ChatGPT?

Something I’ve been really enjoying digging into is the “How Do You Use ChatGPT?” podcast by Dan Shipper. In each episode, he has guests on and explores how they’re actually using ChatGPT for specific tasks. The latest episode, “How To Make a Video Game with ChatGPT in 60 Minutes” is one I’m very excited to listen to.

An informal Twitter poll

In the same vein, Ben (who writes the fantastic Ben’s Bite’s newsletter), asked his followers on Twitter about how they use ChatGPT differently than most.

Each of the replies offers some different tips on how to modify your prompts or even ask completely different questions to get ChatGPT to give you better answers. In the continued quest to make ChatGPT as useful as possible, experimentation like this and just trying new prompting styles is key.

See you next week!

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