Last Week in AI (02.26.24 – 03.01.24)

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This week, we take a look at how Google’s Gemini AI can be turned into a personal trainer and an announcement from Microsoft that tells us a bit about their future plans.

Let’s dive in!

Gemini as a personal trainer

If you haven’t heard, Google got into the AI game in a big way recently with the release of their Gemini model. Turns out, it does a pretty good job of understanding what’s going on in a video of Mckay working out.

The last step he’s proposing is very interesting. Theoretically, hooking up a live camera feed of you working out to a text-to-speech tool could get you real-time feedback on your workouts, just based on what it was seeing in the video feed. It’s yet another example of how multi-modal (in this case, video and audio) AI use cases are going to continue to amaze us in the future.

Microsoft partners with Mistral

Microsoft, one of the largest public investors in OpenAI (the creators of ChatGPT) has announced that they’re partnering with Mistral, an open source (at least in marketing) AI model.

This means that Mistral will have access to Microsoft’s AI infrastructure to help them build and iterate even faster.

It’s an interesting play to see Microsoft supporting both the more proprietary, “closed source” models and something like Mistral. But it seems like they’re more concerned with being the platform to run AI, no matter what kind of AI you want to run.

See you next week!

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