About Floorboard

A picture of Keanan, dressed in a winter coat in front of a statue of a polar bear, making the same pose as the polar bear.

Hi! I’m Keanan.

I started Floorboard to be the site I wished I could read when I first got interested in AI. It seemed like all the advice I got about how to learn was “read these academic papers” or “just go through the docs”. I really struggled to read between the lines of what was just demo hype for Twitter and what was actually possible to build yourself.

If you decide to stick around (and I hope you do), you’ll find a mix of a few different things here:

  • Tutorials and walkthroughs: Detailed guides that show you how to build something with AI (mostly things that I needed to build myself and wanted to share). I run across so many tools that have documentation but no practical examples. This way, you get to benefit from the fact that I learn best by building something.
  • Case studies: These will be detailed walkthroughs of how I helped a business owner or team lead actually apply AI in their business. These can be used as inspiration to try the same thing on your team or as a reminder to email me (keanan@floorboardai.com!) so we can talk about how I can help!
  • Recommended resources: Sometimes, the books, articles and papers are very useful. But you don’t have to tackle them alone. Whenever I find one of these resources that I feel is particularly useful, I’ll post a write up of what I thought the main takeaways were and, maybe more importantly, how they helped me advance my knowledge or solve a problem.
  • Longer-form essays: Often inspired by readers like you, these answer questions like “should I learn to code since AI can code faster and better?” or explore the future of work in the world of AI. If you’re the type to write letters to the editor, these are definitely for you.
  • Last Week in AI: These are by far the shortest, (usually) published on Fridays, and contain just one or two interesting things I found on Twitter, reddit, or in a Discord the previous week, with a couple hundred words of explanation. If you’re just looking for inspiration or to marvel at something cool, keep an eye out for these.

You can always find all of these kinds of posts right here on floorboardai.com, but if you want to make sure you don’t miss one, make sure to subscribe so every single one ends up in your email inbox.

I hope you enjoy reading everything I write here. I do my best to make each and every post informative and helpful.

And if you’re looking to apply this sort of technology in your business (or just confused about where to start), you can always reach out to me at keanan@floorboardai.com. I read and respond to every single message.

Talk soon,

Founder, FloorboardAI.com