Last Week in AI (01.01.24 – 01.05.24)

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Let’s dive in!

A near-TV ready ad with Midjourney, Runway and GPT-4

u/NEXTONNOW posted this one one the r/OpenAI subreddit this week: a 48 second spec TV ad for LEGO, complete with voice over (where the script was written by GPT-4). It’s pretty impressive.

I don’t know how long this took to put together, but it’s definitely less time than it would have taken an entire human crew to build something similar, even if it’s not particularly groundbreaking compared to what a human team would produce.

If you’re familiar with the output of some of these AI image tools, you can start to tell it’s AI-generated the more you watch, but I think this would fool a reasonable number of people on first viewing.

The top comment says “It helps when it’s not people being generated”, which I think is true. A live-action video would be much easier to detect as AI-generated. However, the fact that an end-to-end commercial that could plausibly be at the very least a better storyboard for a fully finished ad can be generated completely by AI tools is still pretty mind-blowing.

Check it out for yourself.

AI generated reddit verification photo

A common rule on reddit, especially on subreddits that allow posting pictures, is that a user has to be verified by the moderators before they can post. Usually they get verified by taking a picture of themselves holding up a notecard with the name of the subreddit and today’s date on it.

This method of verification may be in trouble.

A convincing AI-generated "verification" post on reddit

Through a combination of actual human handwriting and a convincingly-generated AI character, they’ve created a verification post on reddit, along with a decent looking ID card photo to match.

A passport ID card fake for the AI-generated character

The author published the full workflow in this comment for anyone to read and try for themselves.

Especially with election season coming up, we’re only going to see more and more uses of these sorts of technologies to manipulate what people see and hear and it’s more than a little scary.

See you next week!

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