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Last Week in AI (01.15.24 – 01.19.24)

Welcome to Last Week in AI, a post I publish every Friday to share a couple things I’ve discovered in the world of AI last week. I spend way too much time in Discord, on Twitter and browsing reddit so you don’t have to!

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This week, I highlight a couple “macro” observations that I agree with in terms of where all this “AI stuff” is going.

Let’s dive in!

AI as the next generation’s Excel

At a previous job, I remember spending an hour with the person who managed our Ad Sales while he showed me the Excel workbook he had set up to oversee everything. He didn’t consider himself technical because it was “just Excel” but the functionality he had in there could have easily been repackaged and sold as a fully-functional SaaS application!

ChatGPT and the AI tools that already exist open up a entirely new area of problems that can be solved without writing any code or “being technical”.

It’s a great time to be a generalist who enjoys experimenting.

AI + Humans in the loop

Similar to the idea above, this idea that AI will enable humans to work faster and better is one that really resonates with me. One of the reasons that I’m positioning Floorboard as a consultancy rather than creating another AI-enabled product is that I think teaching people how to work with AI is what will have the biggest possible impact.

Everyone has workflows and processes that are specific to them and if you can help them leverage AI tools into those processes, you don’t have to worry about creating a one-size-fits-all product AND everyone gets better, more personalized solutions.

See you next week!

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