Last Week in AI (05.20.24 – 05.24.24)

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This week, we take a look at an amazing visual effect generated with the help of AI and a funny quirk of ChatGPT that allows you to always win at Rock, Paper, Scissors.

Let’s dive in!

Visual effects to the next level

We’ve seen some pretty crazy AI-generated videos, but this video clip that was released this week is an interesting combination of real-world video with AI-assisted effects applied. It’s a bit hard to describe, but in the video, when person holding the camera touches a different object (a lamp, a pinecone, a plant, etc) their hand and arm take on the color and texture of that object. You’ll want to watch this one a few times.

If you’re curious and want to dive in a bit deeper, the author mentions that they used AnimateDiff to actually create the animations and Stable Diffusion inpainting to make sure the textures stayed where they were supposed to. It’s not happening real-time (yet, some folks in the comments had suggestions on how to do this with the Apple Vision Pro). But, it’s still a pretty wild example of how AI tools are enabling a single-creator to do the types of things that entire VFX teams used to take days or weeks to accomplish.

Need an ego boost? Play Rock, Paper, Scissors with ChatGPT

It’s just as simple as it sounds.

Rock, Paper, Scissors hinges on the fact that both players make their selection at the same time. But with ChatGPT, that’s not possible. It may take a little prompting (asking it to go first) but ChatGPT will make a selection and then ask you for yours.

A screenshot of ChatGPT with the following text

Let's go again, you choose first

This time, I'll choose paper. Your turn! What do you choose?

I choose scissors

You chose scissors, and I chose paper.

Scissors cut paper. You win this round! Well played! Do you want to play another round, or is there something else you'd like to do?


See you next week!

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