Last Week in AI (04.15.24 – 04.19.24)

Welcome to Last Week in AI, a post I publish every Friday to share a couple things I’ve discovered in the world of AI last week. I spend way too much time in Discord, on Twitter and browsing reddit so you don’t have to!

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This week, we’ve got a little comedy as well as a really cool example of someone using a large language model to talk themselves through building a relatively complex app.

Let’s dive in!

A comedic look at “how LLMs work”

Not much commentary on this one, but you’re definitely going to want to click through and watch the video. This got a laugh out of me.

Generating an entire app with Claude

This is actually an idea I had for an app as well, but what’s impressive about it is that he coached Claude through writing all the code, doing all the debugging and actually ended up deploying something that worked!

It’s pretty amazing to see what the start of the art models can accomplish and wild to think that they’ll only get more capable from here.

See you next week!

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